Tetro Challenge

Tetro Challenge 1.0

Great free blocks puzzle with four gaming modes


  • Four gaming modes
  • Various challenges
  • Colorful graphics


  • Only one rotation available
  • Opens the game's website every time you play

Very good

They say old classics never die, and I guess this sentence could be also applied to some videogames.

Tetro Challenge is a remake of the popular Russian puzzle that features the same playability and addiction level as the original game. In fact I've had to force myself into writing this review before spending too much time testing it!

This colorful Blocks clone features several different gaming modes (Challenge, Destroyer, Panic and Bricklayer), a decent soundtrack and sound effects and quite a few challenges to keep you hooked for a while during a pause from work. So, depending on the type of game you choose, you'll have to fight against extra blocks, weirdly shaped pieces and other obstacles.

On the downside, I missed having two ways to rotate bricks like in the original game (in Tetro Challenge you have to choose between clockwise or counter-clockwise). Also, I didn't like the fact that the game opens up its own website every time you play it.

Despite these minor flaws, Tetro Challenge is a very entertaining, decent puzzle game that will keep you amused for hours.

Tetro Challenge


Tetro Challenge 1.0

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